Exploring Service Mode Plus

Entering Service Mode Plus

In order to enter Service Mode Plus, one either needs root access (good luck) or a 24-hour authorization token. For this exploration, I obtained a tbx-external (the lowest level) authorization token, which enabled some diagnostic operations and entering Service Mode Plus. Do not ask me for an authorization token. Besides what is noted below, everything else operates the same as normal Service Mode.

Systems Checks

This new systems checks menu is populated on the diagnostics page when clicking “Diagnostics” in Service Mode Plus. One can also click each item to see detailed responses and run individual tasks again.

Apologies for the awful blurring job.

CAN Viewer

This is the CAN Viewer unlocked when in Service Mode +. The CAN data one can read in this state is very limited, but it can provide some useful insight nonetheless.

USB Updater

When in Service Mode Plus, two new options appear under the “Software” menu. The first allows one to install USB maps updates and the second installs firmware (CID/ICE/APE/Games). Details on how to perform these updates have yet to be determined and such information will need to be protected.