Tuner Connector Information

PCB Photos


Main Connector

This is connector X562

Part is TE 2302475-2

Pin 1 is + Power In
Pin 4 is Ground
Pin 7 is BR ETH +
Pin 9 is BR ETH -

You can apply power to the +12V pin and ground to the case.

Unused Black Connector

X815 is the black connector on the other side of the tuner.

The connector part number is Unknown

This connector is not used in production.

Pin 1 is Unknown
Pin 2 is Ground
Pin 3 is Ground

Tuner Antennae

This is connector X818, next to the unused connector described above.

Looks like a normal Fakra antenna plug as the other antennae are.

Pin 1 is FM/DAB (2) Input
Shield is Ground